A Detailed Look at Windows 11: New Features, Changes and More

 A Detailed Look at Windows 11: New Features, Changes and More

A Detailed Look at Windows 11: New Features, Changes and More. Windows 11 is more effective and beautiful interface. So let's a peak of Windows 11.

Windows 11

Windows 11 is more awesome

In the past, Microsoft launched Windows 10 in 2015 and Windows 10 was generally a fantastic OS and I would like to say that Windows 10 is still wonderful as its successor, Windows 11. The desktop computer may have a few small differences but it's still capable to handle everything that a modern OS is capable of handling. Windows 10 is also reportedly secure which means that there are no severe virus and malware attacks and Windows 10 users won't be need to fear installing updates because the OS is secure. It's more affordable than the previous operating system If we look at the cost of both the new OS, Windows 10 and the old operating system, we will see that the price of Windows 10 is in between $119 to $189 and the price of Windows 7 was $119 to $199.

The new features of Windows 11

Windows 11 is also much better and faster than its predecessor. If you ask me to give an official verdict, Windows 10 will be replaced but that will take some more time. On the other hand, there are some genuine reasons why Windows 10 is better than 10 but not as better as Windows 11. One of the most prominent reasons is the improved design and features of Windows 11 which are much better. This new operating system comes in 64-bit and 32-bit versions. It comes with numerous new improvements in Windows 10 including the Edge browser, Windows Hello biometric log-in feature, windows clipboard, and much more. Compared to the Windows 8, the new Windows is much smoother. You should see the difference because the new version has a new look, new icons, and clean design.

Setting up Windows 11

In order to make a computer fully ready to use Windows 11, you have to make some set up. You have to first make sure that your machine will support Windows 11, so you can use it when it is available. Just to check what the full specifications are, you can go here. In order to make sure that your machine is ready for Windows 11, then you have to go through the set up. Before starting the set up, make sure that you have important files on your computer, such as My Documents folder, Documents folder etc. It is advisable to install some programs that are not needed in Windows 10, such as Skype for Business or Office 2013. In order to setup PC settings, you can just type "look" in the search box on your machine and use it to search.

Where to buy?

Get official Windows 10 S OEM Kit for Chromebook (Batch 3) here. Get official Windows 10 S OEM Kit (Batch 3) for Chromebook (Batch 4) here. Get official Windows 10 S OEM Kit (Batch 4) for Chromebook (Batch 1) here. A Detailed Look at Windows 10: What's New and What's Coming? Windows 10 is easier to use with a slew of smart features. It's smarter, more secure, and more productive than ever. Here is what's new in Windows 10!


So now you know about the various features of Windows 11. You can go ahead and install it on your device. We strongly recommend you to do a comprehensive check of any software before installing on your device. To get to know how to protect your pc against this virus, we suggest you download the anti-virus software. You can also check our anti-virus software and anti-spyware guide to protect your device.

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