What I've Learned From My Life

 What I've Learned From My Life

This article based on how you lern from your failure to get a path of success. Follow my steps to get success in life.

Steve Jobs

1. Ive learned to never give up in life

2. Failure is not the end of the journey 3. Don’t be afraid of mistakes 4. Your true talent and strength lie in your failures 5. How the real advantages in life comes from failures 6. How to stay humble in everything 7. "Forgive is divine" 8. And last but not the least: 9. Im living my life on my terms When in a Situation When in a Situation 1. I don't have to stress when Im under pressure 2. I can relax when in the situation when im happy 3. Don't panic when you are afraid of the other person 4. I always have the courage to take a risk 5. Always believe in yourself 6. I can conquer any situation 7. Strive to achieve success in life 8. What makes me happy and life meaningful 9.

2. Dont be scared to fail

Don't be scared to fail. I'm not saying you should feel good when you fail. But you must feel the kind of adrenaline that gives you courage. Don't think failure is forever. When you keep failing, you are taking small steps to success. When you fail, understand what went wrong and then keep moving on. 3. Don't compare yourself with others Comparing yourself to others is not good for your health. You should not compare your success with your parents success. We are all products of our environment. Just because your parents succeeded doesn't mean that you will succeed. There is always going to be someone who is more successful than you. 4. Organize yourself You are the best authority on your life. Let your calendar be your best friend. Every day, every hour should have been accounteted for.

3. The only way you learn is through failure

Failure is a necessity for success. When you fall down, you have to get back up again. You never know where you will fall, but it is certain that you will fall at some point. “Everything you are destined to accomplish, you already have achieved” ― Steve Maraboli You will face your failures. Most of the time, you will not remember them in the day-to-day business, but at night when you go to sleep, your failures will come back and haunt you. You will also experience failures in your professional life. Most of the times, we get trapped in the wrong pursuits and lose our direction in life. We fail to realize that failures are a part of life. Failure is the learning curve of success.

4. You should never regret what you do or say

How I got started with my first company: I should have kept my mouth shut when I got burned by an opportunity I got. I wish I could of knew that making a huge mistake would save me lots of hard work and delay in launching my new business. 5. Suffer not. How I got promoted to general manager: I should have accepted being a junior manager, rather than pushed and shoved my way to the top of the leadership ladder. When I lost my position I should have realized it was only the first step in my career and that I could always go back to my normal duties. 6. It's okay to feel embarrassed. How I dealt with getting stopped on the street for random questions: I should have gone home and cried after I was humiliated by the police officer who assumed I was breaking the law. 7.

5. Things happen for a reason

6. Love harder, be softer 7. Be Yourself, not just for others 8. You are your greatest enemy 9. Defeat Anxiety and don't be afraid 10. Keep fighting 10. Eliminate Fear 11. Live each moment to the fullest 12. Happy People are the Ones Who Work Hard For Their Dream 13. You never stop learning. 14. You Are Not Alone 15. Never let your ego blind you 16. You don't have to be the best, you just have to do your best 17. You don't have to be the best to be proud 18. You never know from whom are you inspiring 19. Getting past the limit will always keep you going 20. Turn Pain into Gold 21. My thoughts are all I have, so speak your mind 22. Don't be afraid of anything to try new things 23. Your future is not a fantasy, it is real 24.

6. Believe in yourself

When there's no use for the belief in yourself But when your main goal is achieving your goal Believe in yourself 6. Communicate The person Who can express his thoughts clearly Knowing that all we have is no lie Communication 8. Be authentic to your core beliefs. Keep that in mind When making your decisions. 8. Be authentic to your core beliefs. Keep that in mind When making your decisions. 9. Be your own advisor Set yourself the objectives and targets You would want to achieve. For example; What do you want to complete? How do you intend to get there? 10. Build relationships with people who influence you Hear them. Question them. Embrace their advice And observe what you can learn from them.

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