The Ultimate Guide to Video Editing: Everything You Need to Know

 The Ultimate Guide to Video Editing: Everything You Need to Know

The Ultimate Guide to Video Editing: Everything You Need to Know. In this way you can make a professional video editing.

Video Editing

What is a Video Editing Software?

A video editing software is an important tool for video professionals and for those who like to share videos on YouTube. It is especially good for non-professionals, who are not able to do the editing work themselves. In general, editing software is divided into several categories: the ones that you can use on a Windows PC or Mac; the ones that are intended for mobile devices and which are designed for iPad; and the ones that are usually not able to run on the PC platform. 1. Free Video Editing Software for Windows A number of free video editing software are offered by Adobe and for this reason are very popular. The last years there were several major releases of these tools and they offer different editing options, both in a set of small apps or a full suite of software.

How to edit with free video editing software

We’ll see how to use free software (GIMP) to edit a video in different ways. And we’ll see how you can do basic video editing with nothing but your phone. Some basic video editing tips you should follow It’s important to understand how each software does its job. The list of videos that use the same technical trick as shown above (desaturating) Image credit: Meduza First of all, to check how each video is desaturating, you have to compare it to another video that has not been desaturated (for example, the first video with the same footage, with the same brightness, and so on). After this check, you can change the video’s color balance, saturation, or contrast without changing the video’s original quality.

What is the difference between an NLE and an editor

In a nutshell, an NLE (Non-linear editing system) is a device that allows you to make a program of your choice, ranging from the simplest text and image, to huge complex video clips and recordings. These tools are used in almost all branches of computer entertainment and media, from video games, movie making, to photo-editing and 3D rendering. The biggest difference between an NLE and an editor is the final destination of the project and editing style. An editor can handle multiple projects or a single video, depending on what the task is. An editor is a person who can create a video in its current state, and edit it at a later time. An NLE gives you a pre-made option for any project you want to work on.

The journey of Video Editing

The design of video editing was not its starting point. As was the case with every electronic medium, video was first introduced as a recording. As recording technology became more and more sophisticated, the quality of the recording became the focus of attention. The VHS and Hi-8 video technology, just to name two examples, created excitement around the making and sharing of home videos. In the early days of video editing, which can be dated back to 1975, home video came with features that had not yet made their way into professional video technology. Since, professional editing and video conversion services were rarer, home owners who found they had video that needed to be edited tended to rely on their friends to give them their home videos or even call their parents.

What's the best video editing software for my needs?

As an editor you have a choice between both the free and paid software. As long as you have good photo editing skills and a decent desktop PC, any video editing software should work in the given case. However, the free video editing software will be limited in its capabilities and can offer a basic video editing experience. If you want a better video editing experience, you should buy the professional video editing software that can do a lot of tasks. But, let's get straight to the point, which video editing software should I use? Why you should choose an online video editing software? Most of the online video editing software offer a free version of their software so that anyone can test them before purchasing the paid version of their product.


This article has presented you with the essential information about video editing. This is a free ebook so that you can easily make a professional video editing. In the end you should have a good idea of how to make the perfect video for the purpose.

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