The Basic Programming Language for Beginners: A Step-by-Step Guide

The Basic Programming Language for Beginners: A Step-by-Step Guide

The basis programming language for beginners. You have to learn this language for coding in future. So why are you waiting for let's start now.



Everything starts with programming. It is one of the most need able things in life. And you can become a brilliant programmer with the help of just one single trick: learning how to write good code. That's why we have to learn a programming language. Today we will talk about one of the most used languages: PHP. If you want to become a great programmer with PHP, then it's mandatory that you learn this language. Don't waste your time on other languages. You can't reach the maximum level of being a programmer without PHP. Who is behind this? While we talk about this language, you need to know who brought the importance of PHP to our life. Because this is the greatest source of making your idea become a reality. It was the Internet, which made your work easy.


Names are used in the syntax to tell which part is the name of the operator. When the name comes before the operator, it means the operators are side-effects. For example, a sum operator like + means add-that function. However, before you learn about syntax, let's look at what operators are. Operators There are 6 basic operators. There are 6 basic operators, which can be used to create expressions. A group of operators are used to create functions. If you have only 4 basic operators, then you can easily write your function. 1 + 2 + 3 + 4 As you can see, 2 + 3 + 4 - 5 is one expression. You can form 3 + 4 + 5 into a function and pass it to other functions easily. As an example, let's say you want to add the total from last week to the money earned last week.


Every data in programming is a variable. So you have to understand what you have to do with variables. In programming if you have to tell some variable from a variable that you are going to calculate something. So first of all, to calculate something, you have to understand what is a variable. Well, you need to be careful if you start to understand what variables are. But let's go with it. For example if you want to write something in English language it will mean something like a passage in the text book. You have to know what is a passage of text book so you can write something in English language. So to understand something simple like that, you need to be aware of variable. To write English passage, you can use the phrase as you want to because it's an artificial word.


Operators are simple and easy to use operators help the programmers to write more productive codes. » +« The plus sign plus operator + and the minus sign minus operator minus help the programmer to add and subtract two numbers from one another. CODE To write an operator + a + b operator plus operator plus b is written as #+#+.++++++++++++ Here the whole code is written to show how to write a complete coding operator. » +« + #+#+.++++++++++++.++++ First the operator plus should be added and the second one minus should be subtracted. » +« + #+.+#+.++++++++++.++++ Here the whole code is written to show how to write a complete coding operator. » +« + #+.+#+.+++++++++.++++ You can write the the operator plus without any parentheses or the operator minus without any brackets.


Periodic Functions Folds Consider the following example. This example is written in the Python programming language. Here we are given a series of integer values as follows: 3, 2, 1, 5. We want to calculate what is the value of i if i > 3 and the value of i if i < 5. In Python you have many ways to do this. For example, we can calculate the value of i if i > 3 and if i < 5 as well. >>> 15.7448398423957566 = >>> 25.036837820371474217 >>> >>> 0.993997048097125449 >>> Note: It is very important to understand when to use AND, OR, XOR, OR-XOR and NOT. Every arithmetic operation must have the necessary label which tells you how to add, subtract or divide. Lets take another example. We have the same series of values as above. And we want to calculate the sum of these values.

Conditional Statements

Complex and easy to understand statement that if it were to fail would stop it working, however it wouldn't stop you from proceeding to other tasks. String Sometimes used to send/receive text in internet. See Also: Toasts Explained: How to use toasts Regex For example like given an expression this is a regex. Atoi A variable in Unix/Unix-like operating systems that stores ASCII representation of an entire computer's memory. Bool Type in programming language in which you can check the truth or falsity of an assertion.


‘Hello World’ and Variables Drawing the Body and the Feet of an Animal Making a Turtle Animating the Texture Using Magic Carpet Direct Ease Python Drawing the Horse’s Tail Custom Functions All-in-all, write your first program and learn the basics of Python. It is that easy. This book covers the basic usage of the Python language in a step-by-step manner, and its user friendly. The book is just like a training module to learn Python as a programming language, the book includes useful exercises that are used to teach, evaluate and assess the students. Kakabeka ‘The Grand Journey’ is written by Mohit Borwankar and Bishwadeepa Singh. Kakabeka is a massive full-length book about programming in Python and its many uses.

Classes and Objects

When you want to create your first program you can start from classes and objects. For example you can create class for a cat. You can create class for a tree, and so on. You just need to provide code for example for the model, and code for the methods. If you have any other class with one method you can do something similar for this model. In this case you will call the methods in your model. You can call the constructor function in this class. Here is example: class Cat constructor() { } Cat.setAllBuffers("gray"); Cat.setColor(Gray); Cat.setBuffers(400,500,400); Animations Animation is an animation when you need to animate something. Now you are going to code animation in your Basic Programming Language for beginners.

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